10 Startling Facts About Bottled Water

Published On October 25, 2012 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles

1.)    Only 1 in 5 plastic bottles are recycled

2.)    Americans consume over 8.6 billion gallons of bottled water

3.)    Most tap water is more heavily tested and regulated than bottled water

4.)    Plastic water bottles can take between 400 and 1,000 years to decompose

5.)    It requires 3 times the amount of water to produce a plastic bottle than it does to fill it

6.)   Bottled water costs over 1,000+ times more than tap water

7.)    Last year, the average American used 167 water bottles, but only recycled 38

8.)    In many taste tests, tap water was preferred over bottled water

9.)    The NRDC conducted a comprehensive four-year scientific study of 1,000 brands of bottled water. The results showed that one third of the bottled waters violated their own industry standards for water quality

10.)  It takes 17 million barrels of oil to produce plastic bottles yearly. This could fuel 1 million cars for a year

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One Response to 10 Startling Facts About Bottled Water

  1. John noble says:

    There is no doubt about the number of plastic bottles being sent landfill sites rather being recycled. Filling your own re-usable water bottle works well.

    It is good to remind people recycling is important; but has anyone made the public aware of the non-recycling of the K-cup that is being used so much in the coffee industry?

    Would be nice to make people aware of this as well.

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