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INFOGRAPHIC: Reduce your bottled water footprint

September 17, 2015 | 0 Comments

by Wheels For Wishes...

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Back in 2009, the Univeristy of Winnipeg became the first campus in Canada to ban the sale of single-serving plastic water bottles. After the University of Winnipeg’s initiative, Universities all over are implementing banning the...

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Have you seen what’s in the news lately? In our mission to Ban The Bottle, there are challenges along the way. Just last month, The House of Representatives just announced that you can’t ban the...

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A campaign to ban commercial bottled water at all 403 National Park Service units is on tap at the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. Actually, organizers of Corporate Accountability International’s “Think Outside the Bottle”...

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Happy World Oceans Day!

June 8, 2015 | 0 Comments

Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet Healthy oceans, healthy planet is this years theme for World Oceans Day. This years theme was made in efforts to stop plastic pollution. World Oceans Day is recognized by the United...

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BY PETER HECHT Environmental groups have long taken aim at bottled water companies for contributing to the glut of plastic bottles that clog landfills, streams and waterways. Now, amid California’s drought, they’re looking at the...

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No more disposables in landfills! 22 billion plastic water bottles are discarded around the world every year. Lets work together to reduce this number by promoting the use of reusable water bottles! Below are some...

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Jean Hill and Jill Appel, whose activism led to Concord becoming the first town in the nation to ban single-serve water bottles, were among 11 Massachusetts residents recognized yesterday by the EPA at the 2015...

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Help Reduce Bottled Water Waste!

Americans send about 38 billion water bottles a year to landfills.1 Considering the 1.5 million barrels of oil needed to make those bottles, the environmental impact of plastic bottle waste is truly staggering.2

That's why we created Ban the Bottle. We advocate a simple commitment to reduce your personal waste by giving up bottled water, even if it's just a few days each week. Together, filtered water and a reusable bottle are an ideal solution for going green at home and on the go. It's an easy change that can make a big difference.

1 Fishman, Charles. "Message in a Bottle." Fast Company Magazine July 2007: 110.
2 Arnold, Emily, and Janet Larsen. "Bottled Water: Pouring Resources Down the Drain." Earth Policy Institute. 2 Feb. 2006. 28 June 2007.