5 Effective Ways to Stay Hydrated during Finals

Published On May 9, 2012 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles

Finals week is approaching quickly and study sessions are being planned. This means fatigue, stress, and uneven eating/drinking habits are bound to occur. Although some people may not be aware, healthy eating/drinking habits can strongly affect a student’s physical well-being during test taking times. Practicing a better diet can give you a clearer and a more open mind, resulting in higher test scores. And we all know we want that!


The number one rule of staying healthy during these stressful finals week is to stay hydrated. For example, water and non-sugar filled beverages are the preferred choices over others such as caffeinated drinks or sugar-filled drinks, which are proven to dehydrate you as they are diuretics. Dehydration leads to a loss in concentration and negatively affects your cognitive abilities. Excess amounts of caffeine can not only dehydrate you, but also adversely change your blood sugar levels making you physically and mentally exhausted. Studies have shown that not staying hydrated can affect your motor skills, awareness, and even your mood. Most students cannot afford to bear these off-putting effects during test taking time.

As a student, I have experienced such fatigue as I suppose most students have around this time of the semester. The last thing on my mind during finals week is my diet. I tend to alter my eating/drinking habits out of whack which results in all of the above mentioned bodily changes. But this year I am making an effort to change my ways and focus on staying hydrated. I have prepared my own list of guidelines to better my eating/drinking habits especially during this stressful week, and I recommend the same to you!

Here are some tips to stay hydrated during finals week:

  • Bring a reusable water bottle to class or the library and refill as needed
  • Drink before you are thirsty. If you drink because you are thirsty, you have already begun the dehydration process
  • Try to consume at least 8oz. of water every hour or two
  • Add a slice of fresh fruit such as lemon, lime, or strawberries to flavor up your water
  • If listening to music on an IPod or other device while studying, take a few gulps of water between each song

It’s time to put your thinking caps on students! Good luck!

[Via Campus Collegiate]

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