5 Reasons Not to Drink Bottled Water

Published On September 22, 2009 | By Jo Hensen | Articles, Take Action

Here is a great starting list of reasons why bottled water isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. water bottle refuse

  1. Bottled water isn’t a good value
  2. No healthier than tap water
  3. Bottled water means garbage
  4. Bottled water means less attention to public systems
  5. The corporatization of water

See all the explanations at: http://lighterfootstep.com/2008/05/five-reasons-not-to-drink-bottled-water/


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6 Responses to 5 Reasons Not to Drink Bottled Water

  1. Tomás Bosque says:

    Great advice! I’ve read recently about the corporatization of public water and the fact that large corporations are essentially forcing people to pay for their water. This is outrageous!

  2. Wil says:

    I can’t believe that. Water should be free, like air. What are we paying for? The container?

  3. charlene may says:

    I have been spreading your site to everyone. I am so impressed and I salute you for your efforts. Thank you for doing all you do here!!

    It is so important to push this effort.

    Please join our club at facebook under KEWL LID

    We look forward to partnering with you and working with you in anyway we can help!

    Go Green or Go Home!
    Charlene May

  4. Terry C says:

    1. Increase safe/clean water fountains/refill stations for those who bring (and wash) their own containers.
    2. Continue to sell water only in recyclable/reusable plastic bottles.
    3. Encourage recycling/reusing of water bottles.
    4. Ban pop sold in plastic bottles. Pop is unnecessary for health and can be detrimental to health.

  5. Jose Ga says:

    I am from Mexico. Here the Public system not include provide drinking water to the public. Can you imagine? There are no water fountains at all. Mexico consumes more bottle water per person that any other country in the wold.
    Your campaign against corporation water will help to open the eyes for those who can help to bring drinking water to people.

  6. lisa says:


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