An Unexpected Industry Goes Green

Published On March 8, 2016 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles

While banning plastic bottles completely is the best way to eliminate unneeded waste in landfills, the ongoing recycling programs undertaken by some casinos in the U.S. are very much appreciated in an industry, which you probably wouldn’t expect to be moving forward with ‘green’ philosophies.

Every day, casinos are throwing an enormous amount of plastic bottles away. This is especially true for those establishments that serve free bottled water on their gaming floors. On weekends, tens of thousands go in and out of these huge casinos especially in the epicenter of Las Vegas, meaning tens of thousands of water bottles being thrown away in trash cans.

Realizing the waste and problems that this practice could cause to the environment in the long run, some casinos are now spearheading recycling processes in order to not only make the world a better place but to help them cut costs as well.

Some Vegas casinos have hired Cintas Corporation to recycle plastic bottles and turn them into a new line of casino shirts for workers. About five plastic bottles are needed to create one shirt, most of which are made with traditional polyester. Taking cue from this, some hospitals are now hiring Cintas because of this innovative technology to create equipment for hospital staff to utilize.

On the other hand, some casinos have hired universities to help them devise a recycling program. This page from the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality has a complete guide to all the hotels and casinos in Nevada that are doing their best to recycle not only plastic bottles but other recyclables as well.

Recycling has become a huge part of Las Vegas but not everyone is aware of how green these casinos are going. Perhaps it’s because everything happens behind all the glitz and glam, or casinos are trying to maintain their image of luxurious establishments, and recycling doesn’t exactly convey a high-end image they are trying to garner.

“Recycling is the best-kept secret on the Las Vegas Strip,” says Brad Tomm, MGM Resorts’ sustainability manger. The resort has recycled about 33% of its garbage since 2010, and its other establishment, the CityCenter, recycles about 55%. Perhaps most of its recycling activities go undetected by the people because the casinos treat them as covert operations. Maybe going greener would damage the Strip’s reputation for being a luxury holiday destination, but whatever the reason is; at least casinos are doing their part to lessen the world’s carbon footprint.

This can also be seen in other parts of the industry, as Vegas casino’s online counterparts also do their part for the environment albeit not necessarily intentionally. Online gaming platforms are convenient and appeal to users because of the huge deposit bonuses that customers enjoy whenever they buy online credits. The fact that playing online conserves a lot of energy compared to playing at casinos where slot machines are running for 24/7 also made it appealing to those who think about the welfare of the environment. Perhaps brick-and-mortar casinos have come to realize this, and are now doing everything they can in order to become greener and more appealing as sustainable companies.

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