Are you Drinking the Right Water?

Published On December 5, 2013 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles, Healthy

While water is essential to our well-being, there are some suggested tips addressed below that can help in various ways. We at Ban the Bottle always push for proper hydration so don’t take this information as “must’s” but rather suggestions as we found this information interesting and wanted to share it with our readers. Besides, who doesn’t love a colddddd glass of water!


When it comes to figuring out how much water to drink, listen to your body and look at your tongue. If you see cracks on your tongue’s surface, then your system may need extra hydration.

See how it feels to drink about eight glasses a day – each with eight ounces of water – and increase your water intake when you exercise.

Its best to drink BETWEEN meals, with either hot or room temperature water.


It can dampen your digestive fire and prevent you from absorbing important nutrients. It can also push the food out from your stomach faster, making you hungry sooner.

Did you know that people who drank cold water after breakfast were hungry sooner than those who drank a hot beverage after eating?


To help digestion, drink warm or hot water before and after the meal as it can actually help your digestion. But be careful not to drink too much so you don’t dilute your digestive enzymes and prevent proper absorption. When your body gets the largest amount of high-quality nutrients for the least amount of calories, you will crave less food and feel more energetic


Begin your day with 20 ounces of hot/warm water and drink it before your reach for your morning coffee or breakfast. See how that feels. You may feel surprisingly refreshed without needing as much caffeine.

Then sip on hot water all day long and you may find you have more energy and your cravings have gone away. Other possible benefits include clearer skin and brighter skin tone.


Bottled water is available in almost any convenient store, vending machine or gas station. Even though it is a better option to stay hydrated than soda, there can be a lot of chemicals found in plastic water bottles. One big issue with plastic bottles is the heat.

While being transported from the factory to the retail outlet, bottles get heated and plastic can leak out chemicals into the water.

That process is often repeated when the water bottles are left in the warm car in the sun. When you choose that water, you also choose the chemicals.

After all, we don’t drink wine from plastic bottles. Why not show the same respect for water that nourishes our bodies on daily basis?


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