Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum Discontinues Sale of Bottled Water

Published On October 25, 2013 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles

The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum is discontinuing the sale of bottled water at its facility. The museum has made this decision in keeping with its long-standing conservation mission and aligns with other institutions across the country implementing similar policies.

“According to the Earth Policy Institute, about 30 billion bottles of water are consumed in the U.S. annually and only about 20 percent of these are recycled,” states Debra Colodner, Director of Conservation Education and Science at the Museum. “Most empty water bottles end up in landfill but others end up in the oceans, waterways and landscapes where pieces of plastic can make it into foodwebs and harm wildlife.”

The Desert Museum provides complimentary water fountains throughout its grounds but is expanding these services in efforts to wean visitors from disposable bottles.

“To make the transition easier for visitors, the museum has begun to install new water-filling stations for reusable water bottles”, offers Craig Ivanyi, Museum Executive Director.

In addition, Ironwood Food Services (IFS), the museum’s food services provider, is installing three complimentary water-filling stations in its various on-grounds eateries. Low-cost refillable water bottles will be available for purchase at several restaurant locations as well as a souvenir refillable bottle available for purchase at the museum’s gift shop.

Interpretive signage, located at filling stations, will explain the museum’s decision and provide additional conservation information for visitors.

“We understand that this may be an adjustment for some visitors but we believe many of our visitors feel as strongly as we do about making a difference in the impact on our environment,” said Ivanyi.

[via Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum]

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