Bottled Water Calculator: Compute Your Savings

Published On June 20, 2012 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles

Have you ever been curious as to how much you could be saving per year by drinking tap water from home rather than going out and purchasing expensive bottled water? Now you can find out! By following the steps and calculations below you can measure and predict your personal savings.

Answer the question below to find out how much you spend on bottled water every year.

  1. On average, how many bottles of water do you purchase each week?
  2. Now take that answer and multiply it by 52 weeks in a year. For example, if I buy 7 bottles of water per week, I would get 7 x 52= 364. This is how many bottles of water I buy per year.

Now, click on the link below and enter the number calculated above into the Bottled Water Calculator to find out how much you could save by drinking tap water over bottled water!

Bottled Water Calculator

Do not forget to consider the costs associated with the production of each bottle of water. This includes the emission of fossil fuels and greenhouse gases, as well as the transportation and distribution costs.

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