City Council Approves Drinking Fountain Installations

Published On March 5, 2015 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles, News

The Oskaloosa City Council in Iowa passed a resolution Monday that would allow for the installation of drinking fountains in public parks and municipal buildings during new construction, or reconstruction.

With this process in place, it will help assist in the community’s effort to become a certified Blue Zones Community.

According to the Public Water Fountain Policy, by having access to clean drinking water in public places, the hope is to attract more people to enjoy the outdoors and live a healthy lifestyle. Not only is it a good alternative to soda pop, it will also greatly reduce the amount of bottled water used within the city’s parks and recreation areas.

According to Public Water Fountain Policy, water is the most important beverage for both adults and children. It stressed there are numerous other benefits of consuming water as opposed to pop. It will reduce the effects of dehydration, which can cause some short-term memory problems and daytime fatigue.

The cost for outdoor, freeze-resistant drinking fountains range from $2,500 each for single standing fountains to $4,500 each for tri-level fountains with a water refilling station.

But not everyone is satisfied with the plan.

City Council member Jason Van Zetten has voiced his opposition to most things tied to Blue Zones. He had concerns that Blue Zones was having too much say in the matter and other topics pertaining to improving the city.

“Who is making the decision on Blue Zones now?” Van Zetten asked.

Schrock continued to explain that the council gave out a list of items and that the responsibility to choose was done by the council and not him alone.

He was the only one of the city council members that voted no to this measure.

“I see what’s happening here. We are just going to take all the easy ones and then when we get to the really hard ones, then it will be a big damn deal to get it through rather than just publishing the plan now,” Van Zetten said.

“We are trying to formalize that we would make every effort that we could in the event that we construct a new facility or reconstruction,” Schrock said.

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