City of Seattle Striving to Ban the Bottle, Following the Example of SF

Published On February 6, 2014 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles

Seattle, Washington is successfully becoming a city dedicated to the environment. Public transportation consists of hybrid-electric vehicles, the city’s many parks are well kept and cherished, bicycle transportation is heavily advocated and the city has put a ban on plastic bags and charges a bag fee for paper bags. Seattle is stepping up environmentally, though plastic water bottles are still being sold within the city.

San Francisco recently banned plastic water bottles at public events hosting more than 100 people, and is no longer spending public money on plastic water bottles. The city still allows for the sale of individual water bottles at stores on private property and  fines those who violate any water bottle bans in place. Seattle should take the idea of the San Francisco water bottle ban and expand on it. Banning plastic water bottles would be a very positive step for the environment and the city.

Plastic water bottles make up thirteen percent of annual garbage waste in the U.S.; this number is growing. Many plastic water bottles do not get recycled, but those that do expel harmful gases into the environment while melting. The best option is to encourage bans on plastic water bottle use and encourage reusable water bottles that people carry with them and fill when necessary. This ban could be a reality for Seattle. The city has successfully banned plastic bags and encourages bag reuse; this ban has made citizens conscious of bag use, causing most people to carry around reusable bags for groceries and shopping.

Urge Seattle to place a ban on all water bottle sales within city limits. Plastic bottles are abundant in our landfills and pollute our oceans; we must move away from our reliance on them and focus on helping the environment.

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