Free Access to Filtered Water for London Tube Commuters

Published On June 30, 2014 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles, News

Commuters at Hammersmith Bus Station and Tube station in London can now get access to free chilled, filtered mains water in an effort to cut waste.

For the first time, thirsty commuters will be able to refill their drink containers with free chilled and filtered mains-water thanks to a new initiative by Thames Water and Transport for London.

A HydraChill Water Refilling Station will allow consumers to hygienically refill their drink containers with chilled, filtered mains-water and consume on the go.

If commuters do not have a bottle available, the refilling unit dispenses an empty 500ml reusable bottle (£2), which can then be filled up.

The recyclable bottles carry a request to help cut London’s carbon footprint by refilling with tap water.

In 1980 less than 50 million litres of bottled water were sold in the UK. That figure is now more than 2bn litres as water becomes the consumer’s soft drink of preference.

HydraChill’s founding director Nick Davis commented: “Working initially with water utility companies, our proving ground has been universities, museums, sports centres and more recently our first school in Enfield.”

“The focus on mains water as a healthier, more environmental option grows exponentially. What’s less optional is free available public access. HydraChill was born from frustration at lack of ‘on the go’ water availability. With support we have the potential to help make a significant impact, there are so many positive messages associated with this project. Ultimately it’s about choice and the consumer’s entitlement to hygienic mains-fed alternatives, for the betterment of their own health and their environment’s. Transport hubs are a logical progression point.”

Thames Water sustainability advisor, Pavan Badesha, said: “We’re proud that London and the Thames Valley has some of the best quality drinking water in the country and it’s great that schemes like this one are making it more readily available.

“Reducing the need to buy a new bottle every time we want a drink of water is a very positive step for our environment too at a time when we should all be thinking about how we can do our bit.”



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