Girl Scouts of Switzerland Promote Reusable Bottles

Published On May 19, 2014 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles, Children, Take Action

Last week, the USA Girl Scouts Overseas Brownie Troop 38601 gave a presentation to the British School in Bern, Switzerland on their love of water, ways to protect water and resources, recycling and their main message: using reusable bottles.

Utilizing facts from the Ban the Bottle website, the girls demonstrated the amount of energy, resources, and waste that go onto producing plastic water bottles. “We also used facts specifically about Switzerland – namely about how many plastic bottles they collect per year from the Swiss trains, and the fact that tap water in Switzerland is just as clean as bottled water and ‘500 times cheaper’!” Stacey Mitry, USAGSO Brownie Troop 38601 Leader, stated.

As a part of their campaign, the Troops wrote letters to local businesses asking for their support by donating reusable bottles for their campaign. One such company donated 200 reusable bottles.

Their chant can still be heard around the school “Ban the Bottle, Reusables Rock!”


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