Hampshire College Says Down With Bottled Water

Published On September 14, 2012 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles, News

As of today, Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts is the newest college to ban the sale of bottled water on their campus. Look for Hampshire College on our Map of Campaigns.

Bottled water will no longer be sold at Hampshire College or distributed at campus events.

This latest sustainability effort at Hampshire began as a student initiative. Last year, students worked both to halt the sale of bottled water and to educate the entire campus community about its environmental and economic costs.

In addition to the environmental impact of producing and transporting plastic bottles, huge numbers of them make their way into garbage rather than being recycled.

Consumers who buy bottled water often do so in the belief that it is somehow cleaner or healthier than tap water, which is far less expensive and actually as safe, clean, and healthy—or more so. To test and demonstrate this, hydrology professor Christina Cianfrani collected water samples at eight locations on the Hampshire campus. The samples were analyzed using EPA standard methods. All indicated that drinking water quality on campus is excellent.

The ending of bottled water sales on campus coincides with the installation of new water filling stations. New Leaf, a student group, wrote a proposal to purchase the water filling stations and was awarded an $11,000 grant for that purpose by the Committee on Community Development (COCD), a subcommittee of student government.

Physical plant personnel have begun installing the water filling stations, with one now on the first floor of the Cole Science building and a second in the Robert Crown Center near the gymnasium doors. Over time, they will install more as well as replace bottled water dispensers in staff and faculty office spaces with filtered tap-water dispensers.

Click the link below to read the announcement made to the Hampshire community regarding the progressive decision to put a halt on the sale of bottled water on their campus.


[via Hampshire College]

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One Response to Hampshire College Says Down With Bottled Water

  1. Nate Cover says:

    This movement among college campuses to eliminate bottled water sale on campus is a serious step towards a generation of better informed and environmentally-aware students. TapThat is working to accomplish this feat at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and stories like this show both skeptical students and administrators that a campus without bottled water is possible. We’ve started a petition in the hopes that the student population might rally behind the idea, but sustainability is still on the fringes here at UNSW.

    Regardless, kudos to Hampshire College! The bottled water is a plague on our pockets as well as the environment. Hopefully this trend of bottled water-free schools will grow and we can beat the bottle worldwide.

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