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Hong Kong Stands Strong Against Bottled Water With New Water Purifying System

Published On September 18, 2013 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles

 Eaton Hotel in Hong Kong has suspended the use of plastic bottled water throughout its hotel operation.

 Instead the hotel has invested HK$500,000 to install an eco-friendly drinking water purification system that allows glass bottles to be re-used.

This initiative helps to eliminate the consumption and subsequent disposal of approximately 350,000 plastic bottles every year – a positive and efficient way of supporting the hotel’s environmental commitment without compromising service or quality.

Environmental Officer of the Eaton, Hong Kong, Katrina Cheng, said, “HK$500,000 might seem like a huge amount of money to spend on supporting an environmental commitment and indeed it is. But that amount will be covered over the first two years of us using the system as we are no longer having to buy hundreds of plastic bottles every month. Even then, it is a check we are happy to write as it clearly demonstrates our firm belief in the importance of these initiatives.”

The eco-friendly drinking water purifying system features a seven stage filter and purification process.

After all the purifying and filtration processes, the water will be bottled – half of it having been lightly carbonated to produce sparkling water. Every Eaton glass water bottle is tailor-made from 60% recycled glass and is designed with a swing stopper and hygienic full, on-bound seal.

Before sending the water to the guest rooms, hotel staff will label the glass bottles with the “best before” dates to confirm the water’s freshness. Used bottles will then be collected and washed using a customized bottle washing machine before being reused.

This attitude and commitment has earned recognition across the industry including Capital Entrepreneur “Green Entreprise 2012”, 2012 HotelClub Hotel Awards “Best Eco Hotel” and EarthCheck Silver Certification for Environmental Practices.

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2 Responses to Hong Kong Stands Strong Against Bottled Water With New Water Purifying System

  1. I think more businesses and even local governments need to get in on this. One of the best ways to reduce the plastic consumption in the world is to get a reusable water bottle, but you can’t have one of those without clean water to drink from! As infrastructure improves in both private and public industries I am sure we will see a reduction in the amount of plastic bottles consumed.

    Keep up the fight against plastic!

  2. Todd Sesler says:

    interesting….we already have a system here in the U.S. that cleans and sanitizes reusable bottles and refills them with water that has been highly filtered and UV light treated …for a fraction of the cost cited in the article. See

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