Make 2012 A Sustainable Father’s Day

Published On June 13, 2012 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles

Father’s Day is fast approaching and this year the new “fashionable” necktie just isn’t going to cut it. These days there are so many unique ideas and events to partake in with your Father on this special day. This year, take him on an adventure rather than buying him the same generic gift that is stock piled in the garage. Take him camping, go on a hike with the whole family, or bring him to the local festival or cook-off! Ask your Father what he wants to do on his special day. As my Father always says “spending time with my daughters is the best gift a Father could get.”

My family and I make it a ritual to go on a hike abroad the appealing mountains of Lake Tahoe. After a few hours of hiking, we then cool off by finding a hidden beach among the rocks and trees and dive right in. Enjoying the sunshine and beautiful views, we relax until we are gratified with the scenic sunset against the Sierra Mountains. This is where we take our Father’s Day adventure pictures and post them on Facebook for all our friends and family to see. Later in the evening, we venture to our local farmers market and pick out fresh, organic veggies to add to our dinner.

Throughout our always ambitious Father’s Day journey, our family makes many sustainable decisions. While hiking, we carry our reusable water bottles filled with filtered tap water from home rather than lugging around a plastic water bottle that harms our environment. While enjoying the view of Lake Tahoe, my family and I walk up and down the beach with trash bags to pick up any trash we see to do our part in keeping our environment clean, yet still savoring the warm weather and stunning views. Rather than going to the grocery store and buying chemical-sprayed foods, we escape to the farmers market and enjoy the smell and taste of locally grown, organic fruits and veggies. In addition, we are supporting our local farmers and all the hard work they do day-in and day-out. Although my Father always argues that all he wants is to spend time with his wife and children, we still spoil him with gifts to show him how much he is loved. Last year I got him Organic Musk Cologne by Herban Cowboy. Since my Father is a science nerd (and yes, I can call him that since he’s my dad), I plan to order him an online subscription to National Geographic. He will be able to read the magazine each month either on his computer, IPad, or his mobile device and not worry about the waste of paper.

This year, make Father’s Day a sustainable, waste-free holiday. Remind your Father how important he is to you and how much you appreciate everything he has done for you. Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there!

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