Sign the Petition Here! Ban the Bottle in L.A.

Published On January 10, 2013 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles, Take Action

Two advocates for reducing plastic waste have created a petition to ban plastic water bottles in their city of Los Angeles.

Los Angeles

Inspired by the recent ban that took effect this New Year in Concord, Massachusetts, Holly Mosher and Ravi Shah will present the petition to Mayor Villaraigosa of Los Angeles.

Their current goal is to reach 200 signatures. Help them out by signing the petition. It only takes 30 seconds or less!

Click HERE !

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One Response to Sign the Petition Here! Ban the Bottle in L.A.

  1. michelle sylvester says:

    why is this bottle ban spreading? i mean seriously! the bottle ban is pointless. alot of people say that. people would just buy bigger bottles…hello… more waste!

    this bottle ban is pointless!!!!

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