Studies Show: Tap Water Preferred over Bottled Water

Published On September 18, 2012 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles

U.S. bottled water sales continue increase at a steady rate concluding consumers believe that bottled water is better for them than tap water. Consumers are oblivious about the facts of bottled water and that many of these companies in the industry actually bottle tap water. This shows that bottled water is no safer or healthier than what you get from turning on your faucet sink and filling a glass of tap water.

The bottled water industry has done an overwhelming job of marketing false information to consumers and has somehow persuaded many that their overpriced, “eco-unfriendly” product is superior to the comparably cheaper and higher-regulated water source right at your hands.

Luckily, many studies and blind taste tests have been performed and have proven that in most cases tap water is the preferred choice over bottled water.

The Good Morning America show conducted a study using the audience as participants in a blind water taste test. They used four different samples including New York City tap water, O₂ Oxygenated Water, and two types of bottled water brands: Poland Spring and Evian. The results below:

#1: New York City tap water receive 45% of the vote for the best tasting sample

#2: Poland Spring received 24% of the vote

#3: O₂ Oxygenated Water got 19% of the vote

#4: Evian came in with 12% of the vote being the least preferred water sample

Obviously this is not the only study conducted on preferences in drinking water. Here are some links to others:

Don’t let the bottled water industry fool you into thinking they care about consumers’ concerns regarding the safety of your municipal water. As mentioned before, they trick you into thinking their product is safer than tap water when, in fact, tap water is more heavily regulated, tested more often, cheaper than bottled water, and the preferred drinking water option.

Look beyond the pretty packaging and fluffy advertising and read the facts. Take advantage of the resource you have at your fingertips and recognize the positive affects you could have on our environment when you switch from bottled water to tap water.

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3 Responses to Studies Show: Tap Water Preferred over Bottled Water

  1. Blaise says:

    Yes, unless your pipes are from the 40s and have lead in them.

  2. nisa says:

    good sharing but from where I can buy water bottles?

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