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Published On August 13, 2013 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles

Ditch Disposable 30-Day Pledge

Not too long ago, CamelBak reached out to our team to discuss their new campaign which asks people to take a 30-day pledge to refill reusable water bottles. To supplement the campaign, CamelBak is introducing a custom printing program using their popular eddy bottle. As their initiatives for sustainability and hydration fall in line with Ban the Bottle, we wanted to support their campaign by featuring it in a special post.

CamelBak’s “Ditch Disposable 30-Day Pledge” is to spread awareness of the benefits of using a reusable water bottle and encourage consumers to change their hydration habits. The pledge also saves consumers money – bottled water can cost up to 500 times the cost of tap water. That adds up to about $300 a year for most Americans. And best of all, studies show that CamelBak bottles encourage their owners to drink 24% more water than with a disposable bottle–delivering all the improved health, mood and cognitive benefits of regular hydration. Visit the CamelBak Ditch Disposable Pledge page to pledge and share.



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  1. BOTTLED WATER IS A 100 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY AND GROWING AT AN ANNUAL RATE OF 9% IN RECENT YEARS. BOTTLED WATER ISN’T GOING AWAY. SO WITH THE HELP OF MY 9 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER I HAVE DEVELOPED A WAY TO GREATELY REDUCE THE AMOUNT OF PLASTIC BOTTELS FILLING OUR OVER CROWDED LANDFILLS. WBITS; Water Bottle ID TopperS, (like a frog says ribit, but wbits). Wbits are reuseable, multi-colored, flexible, food grade, BPA free silicone caps that fit over the existing water bottle caps for the purposes of identification. Before developing Wbits, our children would literally open 3 – 4 water bottles a day. This is no longer an issue as they fully consume the bottle they started with because they know which one is theirs. This greatly reduces the plastic bottle waste in our home. If it works for 10, it will work for a million and 10.
    ***Wbits help stop the spread of germs
    ***Wbits saves money, less half full water bottles going to waste
    ***Less waste: helps to ensure more complete consumption of bottle servings
    ***Wbits does not replace the bottles caps but fits over the top and are easily removed for repeated use over and over again
    ***Makes those smaller bottle caps easier to grip
    ***Fits most case style bottled water caps; 16.9oz, party pack, case style bottles with smaller bottle caps; Nestle, Ice Mountain, Poland Springs, 365, Agua Fina and all of the generics
    Makes water and soft drink bottles easily identifiable
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