TAP- Travelers Against Plastic

Published On February 3, 2014 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles, Take Action

The Ban the Bottle team was contacted by Chris MacKay, the co-founder of the TAP– Travelers Against Plastic Campaign. As their initiatives to discourage the use of disposable water bottles fell in line with those of Ban the Bottle, we thought it’d be powerful and important to support and share their campaign. Chris was generous enough to write up a blurb that summarized the TAP campaign:

The field of sustainable eco-tourism is growing fast, and there is an elephant in those hallowed fields of travel which few are willing to address until now; the issue of disposable plastic water bottles. Globally 2.7 million tons of water bottle plastic is used annually, much of it ending up in landfills and waterways. Everyone from tour operators and guides, to eco-lodges and travelers all know there are health concerns and environmental pollution surrounding the use of disposable bottles, but no one seems to know how to address it. Two adventure travel companies from Seattle have decided to take on the mammoth mess with a new educational campaign called TAP-travelers against plastic. Founded by the Executive Directors of Crooked Trails and Wildland Adventures, the TAP Campaign is an outreach initiative which aims to educate global travelers about the harmful impacts of plastic water bottle usage and encourage travelers to set out prepared to clean their own drinking water. The vision is to catalyze a global movement resulting in the near-elimination of travelers’ dependence on plastic water bottles. To learn more about the TAP campaign, visit the website at www.travelersagainstplastic.org

Join the movement, carry your own bottle and sign the pledge.

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