Starbucks Releases New Reusable, Sustainable, and Cost-Saving Tumbler

Published On January 7, 2013 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles, New Product

In a bid to get its customers to stop using disposables, Seattle coffee giant Starbucks is planning to roll out a $1 reusable tumbler.starbucks-dollar-reusable-cup

The reusable plastic tumblers will be made to look like its paper counterparts, have interior lines to denote a “tall” or “grande” size drink, and bear the brand’s logo.

When customers use the reusable cup, they’ll be given a dime discount—which means that after 10 uses, the cup pays for itself.

Starbucks has long sold reusable tumblers; however, the company hopes that the lower price of its new China-made cups would prompt change.

Starbucks will start selling these $1 plastic cups at all its company-owned stores in the US and Canada.


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3 Responses to Starbucks Releases New Reusable, Sustainable, and Cost-Saving Tumbler

  1. vicky flood says:

    What about the UK?

  2. Stephanie says:

    My question is, how recyclable are these new “plastic reusable” containers? I know it’s a small step to stopping the use of the usual disposables, and I am sure it makes a difference, I am just skeptical as to how efficient the process is at getting rid of the use of plastic. Many peoples mentality on disposables can be hard to change, and I’ve heard first hand of people throwing away these new plastic reusable’s before using it again.

    • Hannah Ellsbury says:

      Hi Stephanie,

      Thanks for the comment. I am not sure as to the manufacturing of these new reusable bottles, maybe you could reach out to Starbucks to get that info. To ban plastic bottles and begin using reusable bottles, people need to make that change themselves and promote the idea to their friends. We hope this movement continues to grow!

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