The Newest Environmentally-Friendly Water Filter Bottle

Published On April 10, 2013 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles, New Product

There is nothing more important than protecting ourselves from the chemicals that invade our everyday lives, including the chemicals and other contaminants that come out of the water tap.

Equally important is protecting the environment that we rely on to keep us healthy and alive. Introducing the water filter bottle Fit Bottle.

The water filter bottle Fit Bottle accomplishes both goals by eliminating the need for bottled water.  With its patented system, Fit Bottle removes harmful chemicals, bacteria, and other contaminants from drinking water, making it safe, healthy, and pure. It’s the water filter bottle of choice!

If you’ve used a Fit Bottle, tell us how it is!

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One Response to The Newest Environmentally-Friendly Water Filter Bottle

  1. Lynn Clark says:

    Boy for a company to put in all this time and effort, one would think that they would do a better job. It looks like you have 1/2 of the equation correct. The filter is great but, you are still using plastic. Even thou it is PBA free, plastic in general is a bad choice. It is known that you are not to reuse, refill plastic bottles. There are other contaminants that leach from the bottle into your drinking water. Stainless steel is the anwer. 100% disappointed. Looks like your out to make the almighty buck and not concerned about peoples welfare!!!

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