What do YOU think about the recent ban of bottled water in Concord, Mass.?

Published On January 22, 2013 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles

Concord Bottle Ban


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7 Responses to What do YOU think about the recent ban of bottled water in Concord, Mass.?

  1. Nivek says:

    What if companies decide to make glass bottles to sell instead, wouldn’t that just pump more carbon into the air? wouldn’t finding an alternative packaging solution be better?

  2. alaska sinclaur says:

    this is so stupid. if people want to drink bottled water leave them to it

    • Kelly says:

      The resources it takes to produce bottled water make bottled water unsustainable. It takes 3x the amount water in one bottle of water to produce that bottle, and 714,000 gallons of oil annually in the United States alone. 800,000lbs of virgin plastic is produced annually to bottle water, and that plastic ends up in landfills and incinerated which erodes soil and the atmosphere, and pollutes the water. The bottled water that comes from springs is exploited from rural areas and causes ecosystems reliant on that water to collapse from depletion. Water is being extracted from the earth in many places at four times the rate it can be replenished, therefore it needs to be conserved. 30% of bottled water contains contaminants above state level allowance, and there are carcinogens released into the water in those bottles from the bottles themselves — they are plastic volatile compounds.

      Say there are a billion people with access to clean water who pay 1900 times the amount for bottled water, and a billion people with little to no access to clean water — if just a portion of that money were allocated into infrastructure supporting clean water, the latter group would no longer be without. Privatizing water (as these bottling companies are looking to do) defines who has access to water — which is an essential component of life for each and every one of us.

      When we purchase bottled water, we contribute to the pollution of someone else’s water. These are all reasons why it is important to carry an eco-friendly reusable.

      • Kelly says:

        I must note that the plastic from the bottles also ends up in our oceans and accumulates in the Pacific gyre, also known as the great Pacific garbage patch where it is ingested by smaller fish and moves up the food chain. These plastics are the cause of death for approximately a million sea birds per year, and 100,000 or more marine mammals. Whales have been found dead due to intestinal blockages from bottles and other waste.

  3. tESSA says:

    This is fantastic news: there has been no bigger scam that the bottled water industry. Consumption, pollution, unequal distribution… Let’s hope this is only the beginning, go US!

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