Why Making the Switch to Reusable Will Make Your Life Better

Published On December 17, 2014 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Articles

Though it can be really easy to buy a big case of Poland Spring plastic water bottles to stick under your bed, bottled water is honestly more harmful than you might think. Using your own reusable bottle is much more sustainable, cheaper and even healthier. If you haven’t already stopped buying plastic bottles, here’s why you should:

More Sustainable: Even if you are recycling your bottles, it’s still a waste of resources. Did you know that the energy we waste through consuming bottled water is enough to power 190,000 homes? Or that the average American uses 167 bottles a year, and recycles a mere 23 percent?

Cheaper: If you buy one reusable water bottle, you’re saving hundreds of dollars a year on plastic ones. If you’re worried that bottled water is cleaner (see below), you can always get a filter. A single filter is much more sustainable and can work to replace hundreds of plastic bottles, creating a lot less waste. And the best part about reusable water bottles? They’re reusable! That means you don’t need to buy a new one every time you get parched.

Better Regulation: Though it seems intuitive that bottled water would be cleaner, this isn’t necessarily the case. A New York Times study actually showed that “bottled water manufacturers are not required to disclose as much information as municipal water utilities” and tap water requires much more testing than bottled water. In fact, according to the report, the FDA regulates bottled water as a food, which makes it impossible to require certified lab testing or violation reporting. To top it off, the FDA “does not require bottled water companies to disclose to consumers where the water came from, how it has been treated or what contaminants it contains.” If you’re using tap water, you know that it’s being tested and regulated more effectively.

Personalize it: Plastic water bottles are boring! You can find a reusable water bottle to support any cause or organization—anything really—that you love. Buy a plain one and make it your own with fun stickers to show your personality.

Staying hydrated is so important, so why not get your 8 glasses a day in with a greener, cleaner and more unique water bottle?

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