Canadian High Schoolers Make the Case for Bottled Water Ban

Published On March 2, 2012 | By Tomás Bosque | News

Teens in the Canadian town of Halifax are coming together to create a county-wide movement against the sale of bottled water. Halifax Metro News reports:

Grace Hamilton-Burge and Jay Hubbard were on hand at the Halifax Regional School Board meeting on Wednesday night to convince members to remove plastic bottles from the municipality’s schools.

“We believe that our access to safe and clean drinking water comes right from the tap,” said Hubbard, a Grade 9 student at Fairview Junior High School.

Hubbard and Hamilton-Burge outlined numerous environmental impacts and health concerns, noting that many countries are plagued by water scarcity and oil is burned in the production and transporting of bottled water.

“HRSB will be able to say that they do not support the production of these bottles because of the great effect they have on global warming,” said Hamilton-Burge, a Grade 12 student at Citadel High School.

Their spirited presentation drew a standing ovation from a crowd of about 75 and prompted some encouraging words from the board.

Board member Chris Poole said he agreed with the teens “110 per cent” and even attempted to make a motion to ban the bottle.

In response, chair Irvine Carvery said the move would require careful analysis.

“But I’m quite sure the board will move in that direction,” said Carvery, noting that some of the municipality’s rural schools use well water and require bottled water for drinking.


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