Concord Mass. Ban on Bottled Water Sales Approved by State!

Published On September 5, 2012 | By Tomás Bosque | News

We’ve previously discussed the Concord, Massachusetts proposal to ban the sale of bottled water here on Ban the Bottle. Local citizen Jean Hill had the original idea and fought for years to get a city-wide vote on the ban. Concord’s historic vote would lead to the United States’ first city-wide ban on the sale of bottled water.

The vote passed, but authorities couldn’t actually enact any legislation for a city-wide ban on the bottle until the state attorney approved the ban. We’re excited to announce the ban has passed into approval and the bottled water ban will be finalized on January 1, 2013!

City officials tell The Boston Globe ( that the state attorney general’s office has approved the bylaw passed by residents in April.

Town Manager Chris Whelan said he’ll work with the Board of Health to write up the regulations and set up an enforcement policy.

Stores could be fined up to $50 for violating the ban, but an exemption is allowed during emergencies.

Jean Hill, who led a three-year campaign for the ban, said she’s “thrilled” and “relieved” that it is taking effect.

Businesses have opposed the ban, saying it would only drive bottled water sales out of town. The attorney general’s ruling doesn’t preclude someone from challenging the law in court.

[via and The Boston Globe]

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6 Responses to Concord Mass. Ban on Bottled Water Sales Approved by State!

  1. Margo says:

    Would love to know the hoops you had to go through to get a ban as awesome as this to be signed into law. Kudo’s to you, Jean, and your community for this powerful stand and hitting Big Biz where it hurt$. Would love to see my town go this route and ban plastic shopping bags, also.

  2. We have the highest rates of Autism in the world, the highest cancer per capita, and do not live as long as other countries. Is there a link between our use of plastics in our food and drinks and diseases?

  3. Isabel says:

    Hey this is so great, I am an university student in Australia and I find your action and commitment to the cause so inspiring! At the moment I am part of a campaign, in trying to ban water bottles on my university council? Any advice?

    Also Stewart, there has been a lot of speculation on the connection between plastic bottle and the connection with cancer, I found this from the American Cancer Association : – , but I think to find the connection a lot more research needs to be made.

  4. Isabel says:

    Thanks for the reply Hannah, it’s nice to know we have support at there! Yeah, i checked out the page and there are some great suggestions for pathways that we could take this campaign. Thanks again!

  5. Vanessa Lagrange says:

    Now bottled water is banned, we could start making a change in our life style. It is not a big deal, carry with you a reusable bottled and fill it in a drinking fountain.
    I know most people think tap water is not safe and that is true but there is a healthy and safe way to drink tap water and assure you a pure water and it is called Aquasmarter. They sell a reusable bottle with a purifier inside. I and my husband have one of them, and it is amazing, since we have it, we have no worries about drinking tap water

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