Lemon:Aid: Make a Stand for Clean Water

Published On June 14, 2012 | By Tomás Bosque | News

Summertime – a time to make memories, spend time outdoors, get re-acquainted with friends and neighbors, and drink lemonade! This summer, Blood:Water Mission invites you to not only make memories but make a difference, too. Over 320 million Africans lack access to clean, safe water – smart, talented, hopeful people like you can make a BIG difference in the lives of our friends in Africa!

Build a Lemon:Aid stand in your community to quench the thirst of someone in your neighborhood, as well as someone half-way around the world! Then, donate the profits from your Lemon:Aid stand to Blood:Water Mission and provide your friends in Africa with clean, safe water. Just think: your Lemon:Aid stand could provide a clean water source to a community so that women and children don’t have to walk for water (often filled with germs) – each day. It also puts children back in the classroom and allows women to spend time learning a trade to support their families. All from a simple cup of lemonade!

Order a Lemon:Aid kit today at bloodwatermission.com/lemonaid to get started!

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