Nova Scotia Commits to Ban Sale on Bottled Water in Provincial Facilities

Published On April 26, 2010 | By Tomás Bosque | News

The government in Nova Scotia is taking serious steps help curb the sale of bottled water by committing to ban the sale of bottled water in provincial facilities.

The Polaris Institute notes:

Nova Scotia Premier Darrell Dexter used the annual convention of CUPE Nova Scotia to announce his government is committed to a ban on the sale of bottled water in all provincial facilities that have potable water.

Dexter told convention delegates he has asked the Department of the Environment to develop a policy that commits his government to this new practice.

The premier also said he expects to announce the details of pilot projects in the very near future.
Reacting to the announcement, CUPE Nova Scotia President Danny Cavanagh says, “This makes Nova Scotia the very first province in the country to commit to ending this environmentally unfriendly practice. It also tells Nova Scotians that this government is committed to promoting safe, clean, municipal drinking water.

“These are services that are provided by CUPE municipal workers across the province and something we are very proud of,” says Cavanagh.

“We are also proud to be part of the ‘Turn on the Taps and Ditch the Bottle’ Coalition that has been working to raise awareness on the issue of bottled water in Nova Scotia,” he says.

Across Canada municipalities and school boards, universities and colleges, faith-based organizations and restaurants are standing up for public water by taking out the bottle.

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