University of Winnepeg Bans Sale of Bottled Water

Published On April 16, 2009 | By Tomás Bosque | News

astrashwash1The University of Winnepeg has become the first university in Canada to ban all plastic water bottle sales. The ban came after almost 75 per cent of students voted in favor during a recent referendum held by the University of Winnipeg Students’ Association. The university expects all bottles to be removed by January of 2010.

While city water is tested daily, bottling companies don’t test their water as often. Louise H’nault-thier, environmental co-coordinator with Sustainable Concordia, believes that water bottles are unnecessary.

“The quality of tap water in Montreal is really high,” she said. “Bringing your own refillable container will allow you to have fresh, clean water available to you whenever you like by simply refilling it at the water fountain.”
The Students’ Society of McGill University has already taken a step in banning bottle sales in its building.

“McGill is committed to sustainable operation,” said Dennis Fortune, McGill’s Sustainability Director. “We believe we should be encouraging tap water.” H’nault-‘thier also points to the high price of bottled water. “Water is a free resource,”  she said. “We shouldn’t need to purchase it.”

U of W bans sale of bottled water [Inside the Bottle]

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