Niagara College Bans the Bottle, The First Step Towards a Sustainable Campus

Published On August 31, 2012 | By Hannah Ellsbury | News, School

Niagara College in Ontario, Canada has conquered a new level of sustainability by banning the sale of plastic water bottles on their campus. This initiative took full force this past Wednesday, August 29th as the entire staff and faculty were informed of the good news. This idea was originally sparked through staff members requesting a decrease in their school’s footprint and likewise, to boost the school’s sustainability efforts.

Taryn Wilkinson, the environmental project coordinator at Niagara College, states “Banning bottled water has the obvious benefit of reducing waste from plastic bottles and supports the notion that everyone has the right – not the privilege – to clean drinking water, and it should not be sold as a commodity.”

After the movement was approved, progress towards a more sustainable campus community was set in motion. They installed 11 refilling station throughout the campus. This encourages students, staff, and faculty to bring their personal environmentally-friendly, reusable bottles to campus and refill them at the refilling stations, thus continually decreasing the amount of plastic waste and decreasing their overall footprint.

Not only is Niagara College aiming to reduce their footprint and plastic waste, but they are also taking steps towards achieving multiple sustainable targets that were set in December of 2011. They launched a five-year sustainability goal that touches on reducing paper consumption, electricity usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and water consumption by pre-determined amounts.

Niagara College has followed in the footsteps of many municipalities within the region including schools such as Queens University and University of Toronto who have already successfully implemented the ban. To learn more about the ban, visit:

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