Banning the Bottle in the New Year – Thanks, Denise!

Published On January 3, 2012 | By Jo Hensen | Celebrity, Take Action

What a great way to start the year!

Denise Richards has recently made the pledge to ban the bottle  in her home and daily life.  She posted an entry on blog in December and we are interested in hearing if she was able to influence others (family and friends) to ban the bottle too!

Banning bottled water from your everyday life is an easy resolution and can have such an enormous impact – especially when people spread the message to others. Did you?

[via Ecorazzi]

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2 Responses to Banning the Bottle in the New Year – Thanks, Denise!

  1. Bottled was has no benefit to society when you can drink water from the tap or water filters. It is my goal to help replace bottled water and sweetened drinks in public locations by providing a simple, cost effective technology that will allow you to place hydration stations in public locations in the most secure manner possible.

    We have patented a Public Water Filter that incorporates a locking device that will allow only authorized personnel to open or change out the filter element once it has been installed. It is a perfect solution for public locations that are prone to vandalism and tampering.

    Brown University and The University of Vermont have outright banned the sale of bottled water. Another 90 colleges have restricted the sales of bottled water. In place of bottled of water these institutions are placing hydration stations around campus so that the students have convenient locations to fill-up their reusable water container and stay hydrated.

    Currently, security is an afterthought in these public water filtering stations; hence we are marketing our Public Water Filter to improve the security of all publicly deployed water filters.

    I am “all in” on your cause and would like to help in any way I can.

    Robert Lisenko

    • Tomás Bosque says:

      @Robert Thank you for your comment! Your filter technology seems like an interesting concept. Let us know when you get your first install – we’d love to feature you!

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