INFOGRAPHIC: Reduce your bottled water footprint

Published On September 17, 2015 | By Hannah Ellsbury | Take Action

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6 Responses to INFOGRAPHIC: Reduce your bottled water footprint

  1. Marianne Duke says:

    Great information. I am trying to get my mentally and emotionally challenged neighbor to stop buying bottles of water and start using any Brita type water bottle of of her choice.

  2. Rodney Hanson says:

    Is this above information “Reduce Your Water Foot Print” available as a pamphlet or brochure?
    I would like some to pass on to other as well as to “Green Teams” .

    Thank you,
    Rodney Hanson

  3. Jacob Hatch says:

    This is a great infographic! Thanks for sharing it! Would it e okay if we used this image on our blog Hydration Anywhere? We’re big supporters of the Ban the Bottle initiative.

  4. Hi, It looks your webpage info graphic has changed it’s location. I read some where about this and came to see here but nothing found. Please check again.


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