Massachusetts Town Bans Bottled Water

Published On May 5, 2010 | By Jo Hensen | Government, News, Take Action
Concord, MA, has become the first municipality in the country to ban all sales of bottled water at a recent town meeting.

 ”All these discarded bottles are damaging our planet,” said Jean Hill, “causing clumps of garbage in the oceans that hurt fish, and are creating more pollution on our streets. This is a great achievement to be the first in the country to do this. This is about addressing an injustice.”  Hill is an 82-year-old activist who has been working on this cause for years. 
The bottled-water industry is a $10 billion one, and representatives were quick to react to the ban. Joe Doss, president of the International Bottled Water Association, told the Boston Globe:

“We obviously don’t think highly of the vote on Concord. Any efforts to discourage consumers from drinking water, whether tap water of bottled water, is not in the best interests of consumers. Bottled water is a very healthy, safe, convenient product that consumers use to stay hydrated.”

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