Dance Dedicated to Water and Sustainability

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A dance theatre group in Salt Lake has taken a different approach to raising awareness about exorbitant bottled water costs.† The Repertory Dance Theatre†(RDT) is kicking off their 45th season by dedicating†their performance†to sustainability with each dance piece focusing on water in some form or another.† The group recognizes that bottled water is outrageously expensive. Comparing bottled water costs to current gas prices shows just that -†a gallon of bottled water could be at least $10 compared to the $3 we pay for a gallon of gasoline.† Read below about more details on the actual dance production:

“H2O is a sensuous journey inspired by the rhythm of the tides and the precarious ribbon of life in the desert. Whether in lakes, rivers, oceans or swimming pools, water is the earthís most precious and vital resource. RDT and Brolly Arts join forces to honor the beauty, the power and the sacred nature of lifeís most important element. Whether it rages or seeps, evaporates or gathers, water is the source of inspiration for the choreography, exhibits and performance art. Two atoms of hydrogen joined to one of oxygen, nothing could be simpler or more important to our existence. How we use or reuse water will define the future of our planet.

The performance features Zvi Gotheinerís GLACIER, a contemporary water ritual that imagines a future civilization coping with shrinking resources. WATERMARK by RDT alumnus, Ford Evans, with original score by composer Ricklen Nobis examines the mysteries and the movement of water, the most conspicuous, the most powerful and the most essential element sustaining life in the desert.

WATER STUDY created in 1928 by Doris Humphrey, one of the founders of modern dance, who experimented with natural rhythms, motor, pulse and breath building rhythmic phrases from the natural ebb and balance of the tides. The piece will be performed by members of Childrenís Dance Theatre.

Lastly donít miss the return of Francie Lloydís THE LADY OF THE LAKE, the magical and mysterious supernatural Celtic goddess of water who will leave you breathless.”

Learn more here – RDT

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