The College of William and Mary Holds Bottled Water Discussion

Published On February 24, 2010 | By Jo Hensen | News, School, Uncategorized

college-signHere is a GREAT example of student and faculty taking a proactive approach to the Bottled Water issue – EDUCATING! Professors from The College of William and Mary in Virginia presented economical, environmental, historical & philosophical points on the current bottled water situation.  In addition, Curtis Etherly, the Vice President for Public Affairs and Communications at Coca-Cola,  joined the forum.  You know the Coca-Cola Enterprise that owns Dasani water?! Mr. Etherly spoke first  and gave examples of how his company is attempting to reduce their carbon footprint by creating bottles that are lighter and using 327 hybrid trucks. Interesting…..

This unique event was actually sponsored by an even cooler campaign “Do One Thing” (DOT).  The campaign encourages students to make one sustainability-related change in their lives and to publicly by held responsible by posting their change on their facebook page. 

Interesting, quick read – super good points and ideas for other to use!

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