Wall Street Journal – Question of the Day Results

Published On June 2, 2010 | By Jo Hensen | Uncategorized

The results are in!

When asked the question: Has your bottled water consumption changed over time? 35.7% of the respondents say they don’t use it all, 33.4% said they use less than they use to! That’s great news, and even better news for the environment. Here are the full results – Question of the Day

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  1. M. Marshall says:

    It is my understanding more and more federal, state and other governmental agencies, even fire departments are purchasing World Grocer Canned Emergency Drinking Water. It could be because you can recycle the product, but I believe it is due to the fact the water has a 30+ year shelf life. Most other bottled water products used for disaster or emergency prepared purpures have a limited shelf life of 2-5 years, plastics bottles even less. If one looks at the cost of rotating water in and out every 2-5 years compared to buying canned water once and storing it for 30 years without having to replace it, it kind of makes financial sense. I personally currently have water in bouches which expire next year and probably will consider purchasing this product. Would be interested in others comments!

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